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We design content management system driven websites based on Joomla or Wordpress framework. All of our websites are responsive that will fit on any screen size automatically.

Is your website up to date? Are you having hard time updating your website? Daily Consulting can help you update your current website or even build a brand new website that goes along with your business processes. 

Lets discuss a new design for your website that would responsive We can even setup to generate reports of your visitors and their locations. This can help you market your product and services accordingly.

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Backup Solutions Backup Solutions

We have partnered up with industry leader for backup Solution, Veeam. Their technology provides seamless backup solutions not only for servers but for desktops as well. 

You may have a legacy backup solution in place that you "think" is sufficient. Until its time to recover data from it only then do you realize either the backup image is corrupt or you are unable to recover anything for whatever the reason may be. We have seen these scenarios way too many times. That is why we partnered with VEEAM to bring the best and the latest backup solutions. 

Daily Consulting will help you setup Veeam backup solutions and even can help maintain it on daily basis. 

If you have a special application that contains extremely critical data that must be backed up every hour, or even less than that, and legacy backup software slows down your application backup is running. Well....with VEEAM, you do not need to worry about this. With their state of the art, backup technology, backups are done without slowing any of your servers or application.


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Technology Consultation Technology Consultation

If you are expanding or just need technical services on any of your existing computers, we are here to help. Even if your hard drive crashed and you need to recover all the data, we can help. 

You just bought a new computer and you need to transfer all of your data from existing old computer. Wouldn't it be great if Daily Consulting can help you move all of your data and applications so you do not need to worry? We have solutions to move everything to new computer in a heart beat so you can start using your new computer right away.

Transform the way you do business

Does your company need new tech for the new year? Transform your outdated computers with top of the line new technology. We can recommend new systems that will fit your budget. Call us to discuss your small business solutions and see for yourself how we can help. Even if you have a special project to requires additional technical help, we can help. 

We can even help you remotely.

Consider us your IT Department that you can hire at a very reasonable cost compared to others. 

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